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Race Ready Classics

Race Kraft & Design, LLC, was formed in 2009 and recently opened a 13,000sq.ft. custom built anchor facility, in Englewood, Colorado. This facility not only houses the engine building and development shop with clean room, but also a full service machine shop with CNC design and prototyping capabilities, race car fabrication and maintenance capabilities, a chassis set up area, and secure race car storage.

The facility functions as the home base for preparation, transport, and track side support of their in house, as well as customer race programs. There is a comfortable and relaxing lounge for racer and motorsports fans to congregate and share their passion for racing amongst a display of immaculate cars as well as a large collection of period photographs and posters. There is a limited retail area where the emphasis is on the ‘unique and hard to find’.

Over the past several years, Denver based George A. Frey, M.D. has been dedicated to the development of a professional vintage motorsports program of extreme quality and service, bringing the rigorous standards of spinal surgery, where he has spent a twenty year career, to the discipline of motorsport preparation. This program will focus primarily on engine building and development, as well as chassis fabrication and race car restoration. Frey has developed a model of exceptional service, not commonly seen in the industry, where expectations of the customer are understood and met through reliable estimating, competitive pricing and realistic timing. Frey has been involved in motorsports, amateur racing, automotive restoration and classic car collecting for thirty years, and the development of this program will establish a robust business, as well as enable the principles and key persons to engage their passion for amateur and semi-professional road race and sports car motorsports.

The mission statement for RaceKraft says a lot about George and the type of business he is looking to develop. “RaceKraft & Design is dedicated to supporting amateur vintage racing, offering complete motorsports services with competence and integrity, with the desire to make racing fun, memorable, and safe.”


1951 Jaguar

“The vision and business goals of RK&D are clearly in step with the expanding future of vintage motorsports as a sport, hobby, and as a business. The basic premise of RK&D is founded on quality and value-based guiding principles which ensures that RK&D will provide high-quality, cost-efficient, comprehensive race car services to the sports car and vintage motorsports community via a superb group of technicians, mechanics, machinists, and engineers”

The talent of this endeavor is anchored by Ryan Hayes, who has over thirty years experience in specialized and rare sports cars and race cars. His skills include all aspects of restoration, fabrication, engine building, and race car chassis set up and development. Ryan has built a strong reputation in the motorsports community, both locally and nationally. He routinely has been entrusted with the care, restoration, and maintenance of all types of exotics and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of such diverse vintage cars as a 1953 Allard J2X or a McLaren M6b Can Am racecar.

Most significantly, Ryan was a key man at CW Performance, a vintage sports and race car shop run by the late Carl Wells. He successfully maintained this shop, during which it became the premier shop of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. The legacy of this successful business will remain an asset to the current venture, through the core competencies and vast experience gained, as well as the renewed relationships within the industry.

As RaceKraft has evolved, it has added the talents of several highly respected mechanics and fabricators.   The next time you are in Englewood make a point of stopping by RaceKraft, you will be glad you did.