Use of Full CNC Machine Tooling



SHARP CNC Three Axis Mill

Race engines are treated to true CNC blue printing on our Rottler f65A block machining station. This machine is the absolute state of the art in race engine machining capabilities. It will deck blocks, line bore crank shaft mains, as well as lifter and cam shaft bores, all to within thousandths of an inch tolerances, using computer controlled, factory derived specifications.

This Rottler machine allows extreme accuracy for machining aluminum blocks of all types for insertion of Darton sleeves into the cylinder bores. This operation is essential for creating full race , high performance, or simply reliable rebuilds of all alloy aluminum inline or V configuration blocks from  the likes of  Chevy, Ford, Cosworth, Jaguar, Maserati, Ferrari, Lotus, Toyota, Mazda, amongst others.

Uniquely accurate cylinder head rebuilding can also be accomplished on the Rottler  with proprietary fixturing and techniques developed at RaceKraft & Design.

Porsche boxer 6 cylinder motors can also be uniquely race prepared using our state of the art Sharp three axis CNC mill, and Rottler F65A CNC block machining station. This includes such functions as:

Creating twin plug heads
Case decking
True line boring
Case boat tailing
Machining and insertion of piston oilers