Race or stock rebuilds


Accuracy Above All

Successful race engine design and construction is equal parts precision engineering, craftsmanship, and black art. The machinists at RaceKraft & Design have over 30 years experience in building race engines, and understand how to mix these in the perfect portion to create your race winning engine.  They understand the intricate balance between maximum horsepower and reliability.  As a result, RaceKraft & Design built engines have placed racers on the podium in SCCA, World Cup Challenge, PCA Club Racing, as well as many vintages sanctioned events at HSR, The Monterey Historics, VSCDA, and RMVR.

Powerful, reliable engines are primarily built on the basic understanding that exists for all internal combustion engines.  From this comes an understanding of the true mathematical precision of engine design. Our experienced machinist can then turn these concepts into results through 30 years of craftsmanship. After that, testing and validation becomes essential. The use of state-of-the-art Superflow engine dynamometer and Flow Bench testing,  innovation and the black art of design combine to create the optimal power plant for your race car.

Our machine shop has extensive experience in all varieties of inline 4 and 6 cylinder, and V8 engine technology from GM, Ford, Ferrari, Jaguar, as well as the full complement of Porsche engines. Furthermore, we have even built rare and exotic engines from Lotus and Maserati.