Track Support


John Morton at TransAm 2010

Track support with RaceKraft & Design is all about the experience of Road Racing in a safe and low stress environment. We all know the drill. It is Friday morning, just another work day, and the office is calling. You are busy, and trying to get out of there quickly, so you can get to your garage to load the race car and head off to the track. The prospects of crawling around under the car to tie it down, serves to remind you to put some Advil in your helmet bag, to take with you. You wish you had done that brake bleed, and nut and bolt safety check during the week, like you had planned, but like a lot of things in preparation for a trip to the track, it just didn’t happen. And what about that ignition misfire that comes and goes – you never got to that either, did you? So you are already hours behind, and only get to the track very late Friday night. Saturday morning will be an early one, because you need to get the car on jack stands, and finish all the prep work that did not happen ahead of time. By the time you climb into the cockpit for qualifying, you are already tired and more than a bit frazzled.

Now, does racing on a realistic budget really need to be that way? RaceKraft & Design does not think so. We are racers ourselves and have lived through years of this scenario. We have worked hard to make it better for the racer. This starts with methodical race car set up, followed by routine car preparation, so that once it arrives at the track, there is nothing to do but climb in and fire it up.


Delivered Ready-to-Race

You can climb into the cockpit, with the confidence that both you and the car are ready to do battle. It is going to be a good weekend. Our experienced crew has decades of combined experience fielding race cars in pro and semi pro venues, so you know that things will be correct and safe.

The transportation is managed by our three car hauler and mobile shop. Additional transportation capacity is available as well, or if you prefer, you can trailer your own car to the track, and join our paddock on arrival. The toter-home offers much needed protection from the sun and heat, and serves as the base camp for food and hydration throughout the weekend. The formula for our Arrive and Drive program is customizable to your every need, from simple track side technical support, to the complete event experience.

Racekraft and Design also has “arrive and drive” option including race car rental, for qualified drivers. This may appeal to the sports car driver who is looking at vintage road racing as a new hobby, and wants to try it out for size. For the more experienced driver that wants to move into a new race Group, RK&D may have the required car to gain some needed experience.

Contact us for more detailed information about specific events we plan to cover in the near future, or to place your reservation for a great season of racing!