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Many shops are capable of building an engine. However, to be a reliable front-runner, far more engine fabrication and development is entailed. To build true horsepower and reliability, the process of testing and design validation becomes essential. This is accomplished at RaceKraft & Design’s engine shop through the use of our state of the art Superflow F-600 flow bench, and our 902 series Engine Dynamometer (being installed 2012). Here we can test, verify, and refine combinations of induction, cylinder head porting, components design and matching, tuning, timing, and other critical engine parameters to exacting standards.

This is all accomplished before the engine is inserted into the car, taking the guesswork out of the process. No more will a can go to the street or track with an unproven powerplant. Never again will you need to rely on a chassis dyno, which can place severe and unnecessary stress on the car chassis and driveline. Besides once the engine is in the car, what good does a chassis dyno do? There is no further opportunity to change an engines essential performance once the engine is already in the car, without starting over! Not so with the engine dyno, where the performance is known, and revisions performed as necessary, BEFORE the engine is installed into the chassis. This is an expected feature, demanded by our customers who may ship their engines in for rebuild from outside the local area.